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A hosting server  is where the electronic files that create your website are stored, we call it a web server. There are different types of servers, public servers, email servers and dedicated private servers.

Public Server, is where 1000s of websites are stored together and have no connection to one another and one hacked website can crash a. entire server. The vulnerability of the service is highest on a public server, many things can go wrong and public servers don't offer a 100% network up time. Because they don't know who is managing, updating and keeping the websites on a public server compliant and up todate. Email is funneled through a portal and can take hours to be delivered and if one of the website is spamming then the entire IP of the server can be black listed. There are many issues with public servers but they are a little cheaper.

Email Server, like Gmail, Hotmail and Microsoft 360.  Email servers are designed to store email and not host your website and a website server is designed to deliver your email not store it. This is why you will be advised to use a pop3 account to download your email off the web server usually onto a desktop or laptop computer and you use Imap email setting for your mobile devices, Imap doesn't download so it is not a huge memory draw on your mobile devices. There are services for storing email like Microsoft 360 or Gmail for business where your domain delivers the email to the service and you view it through a portal and still send and receive using your domain address. These are paid services usually on a monthly bases with lots of storage space, this means you can use a imap to view your email and not ever download it to a computer in most cases. Of course is depends on the account you set up with one of these services as to how much data storage you have.

Dedicated Private Servers, are what we use for our clients, A private server is managed in a large facility similar to public servers, which are in a clean room and a full support team taking care of rows and rows of these machines. The difference is a Dedicated Private Server will host one companies data say like a bank or a insurance company or our company for example Newmedia Designs.  Only our clients are on the server, only website we have created and manage are hosted on our server, It makes for faster email delivery, 100% service up time and lesser chance of a website hack or spamming effecting the server. We have full redundant backups and data mirrors running alone side every website.  The server is fully managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and backups are performed every 3 days. All this insures your website is operating all the time and when there is a issue it can be resolved quickly.


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